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In the Absence of Faith

by Inferno

copyright 1998 Inferno All rights reserved

Inferno sat on the large sofa fiddling with the locket on her choker.
"Hello Inferno, long time no see!" A young woman sat down with her on the sofa.
"Yes it has, Lisbeth. How are things with you and Modo?"
"O.K. He's such a doll, why don't you have a boy?"
Inferno stooped messing with her locket and looked deep in thought.
"Oh I don't know, no one is like me enough for me to really like them."
Lisbeth could tell that she probably shouldn't have asked. No one said any thing for a while until Modo walked in. He sat down next to Lisbeth put an arm over her shoulders.
"Hi babe, you guys are early."
Inferno giggled and went back to messing with her locket.
"Yea, so, do you have a problem with that?" Lisbeth asked bating her eye lashes.
"No ma'am!" Modo answered planting a kiss on Lisbeth.
"Yeash, go get a room or something!"

"And why should they?"
DG entered the large rec. room with Wheels, Pedals, Shelly, And Rex.
"Hey DG I was starting to wonder if you would show!"
Wheels, Pedals, And Rex went to the weight room and DG took Infernos spot on the sofa. Inferno went to other side of the rec. room and started to sharpen her dagger. Lisbeth told Modo to go look for the others while she and DG talked.
"What is it Lisbeth, is something wrong?" DG asked in a concerned voice.
"I'm not sure, you see, I asked Inferno why she didn't have a boy and she got this look in her eyes like it was a thing she was keeping a secret and then gave me an answer that didn't quiet make sense."
"Oh I see. Well she is kind of quiet about her past. Maybe It is too painful to talk about. That mark on her cheek of a flame is a scare but I don't think she will tell us any time soon how she got it."
Inferno could hear them talking about her even though they where far off and kept there voices low. Her dagger was now razor sharp and she placed it back in its sheath. She began to think of the past and how so much had happened sense then.

Her name was Faith. Clad in the only clothes she had seen upon her self for these past 8 years she straddled her bike and headed out in to the Martian dessert in search for her lost love mate. She was never to crazy for him. It wasn't her idea any way.
"So bike, where should we start?"
Her bike brought up a picture of Red Tower on it's monitor.
"Good idea lets go!"

Back on Terra at The Last Chance Garage

Vinnie, Modo and Throttle sat watching sports on t.v.
"Hey, Charlie, babe. Would you get me a root beer?"
"Sure, any one else want one?"
"OK" Throttle added in his usual monotone.
"Sure thing Charlie ma'am."
"Here you go."
Charlie passed out the sodas.
"Thanx Charlie ma'am. Sigh."
"What's wrong bro.?" Throttle asked.
"It's been eight years sense we lost her."
"Oh, sorry. I've been trying not to remember."
Vinnie looked up from his soda.
"Then don't remind me! Maybe she is still out there looking for us."
Charlie was very confused. "Who are you talking about?"
Vinnie reaches in his pocket and pulls a picture out of his wallet. "Faith, she was going to be my love mate but she was kidnapped by a gang of mice."
Charlie was still confused. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, when you say "love mate" you don't mean that you? BWAHAHAHA That is positively the funniest thing I've heard all week! You engaged? BWAHAHAHA"
Vinnie looked at her with an evil smile. "Hey babe, our parents arranged it, but she was a total looker! Now there was a cutie butt!

Meanwhile on Mars. Faith was riding her bike as fast as she could on the desert sand, but the male was still right on her tail. He pulled out his blaster. Setting it on it's lowest power he fired. The shot was well aimed and Faith fell from her bike.
Rubbing the back of her neck she looked up at the male. "Uh oh, I'm busted. Don't think I'm yours, Radar, cuz I'm not!"
"Yes, your correct. I am gonna bust you up. But first your coming back to our territory, female. We have a surprise for you. It was a waist of your energy and my time attempting to escape. Do it again and you might not be so lucky that I'm not gonna kill you. Now get up and come here!!"
Faith sighs and stands up "Yes sir, come on bike, we're going back. Oh well, it was a stupid idea anyway. They're right, I should stop hoping to see him again and give in."
Side by side, Faith and Radar made there way back to his gangs territory.
Radar smiles as they reach one of the buildings "Hey bros.! Look what I found out in the desert! Spats, is that thing ready yet?"
Spats pulls a microchip out of his pocket and smiles, "Sure thing, Radar. All we have to do is put this on her neck and she will remember only what you want her too!"
Radar makes an evil grin, "Can we put it on her now?"
Spats nods, "Yep! Come here Faith, this wont hurt a bit."
Faith backs up a few steps, "Yeah right! Like I'm going to believe you!"

Charlie looks at the picture, "You guys miss her a lot don't you?"
Modo nods, "Yeah, I wish we could go look for her but she is most likely dead by now."
Vinnie glares at Modo, "But we don't know that!!!!"
Deciding to go see what was going on around town and to keep an eye on Limburger, the mice got on there bikes. Charlie stayed behind to do some work.
Charlie waved to them as they left, "See you guys latter!"
"See ya!" Throttle called back.
Vinnie grinned, "Let's go whip some fish tail!"
Throttle chuckled, "Hehehe, sounds good bro. But lets not start it this time."
"From the looks of it we wont have to!" Modo replied.
Modo was correct. For at that moment Grease Pit was leading a group of goons right at them.
Vinnie, giving his famous howl, shot out the tires on one of the dune buggies, sending its rider flying into a brick wall and knocking him unconscious. Throttle powered up his nuke knucks and punched a goon in the face. The goons dune buggy swerves out of control and smashes into several others.
Grease Pit was busy running for his life but slips on a puddle of oil and falls with a splat onto a bike rack, the middle bar hitting him right between the legs.
Vinnie chuckles, "He'll be singing soprano into his 80s!! Now all that's left is to trash the tower and go back to the garage."
Modo nods in agreement
Throttle gives another plan a thought, "Let's `barrow' Carbuncles transporter first. That way we can stop off for a bit on Mars to ask if anyone has seen or heard anything about Faith."
Vinnie doesn't give it a second thought and speeds off, "All right then, LET'S GO!!"