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This fic isn't much in fact it's terrible but things can only get better I decided it was a wonderful way to say
MERRY CHRISTMAS 1998 from Towser

Who knows where they will be this time next year, what will have happened to them and how different they will be?

All that is left is to say enjoy and PLEASE send your comments (on the board)

P.S. Haydy YOU ARE WONDERFULL, My love for you is greater than any thing in this world





Timeline note the year is 1998 all hostilities have ceased and now the mice and Nikata's men along with Nikata have got together to fight the crime of the earth. This is my idea of the BMFM's ideal Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, in fact there were three mice stirring....................

"What you think charley got us man?"

"What ever it is it must be good, she's been preparing it for over a month now"

For the last month and a half the guys had not been allowed in a little room just off the garage, nor had they seen any evidence of what Christmas was all about all they knew was that they needed to have presents to give to each other and to charley.

"Well Charley said we had guest coming at nine to share the surprise so what's the time now?" Vinnie looked over at the clock the VCR flashed 5:32.

"Hours yet" Vinnie said with a disgruntled look on hid face

"We could always sneak a peek"

"That wouldn't be honest guys" Modo protested

"NO WOULDN'T BE HONEST" at the top of the stairs the shadow of charley could be seen all that was really visible was her bright eyes shining in the light that was on at the foot of the stairs.

"Hey gggirl calm down, we knew you wwwhere there , we was just......... pulling your leg" Vinnie stuttered nervously.

"Well maybe you cold pull my leg in bed? Come back here honey it's cold without you. Who know maybe you will get a Christmas treat early" Vinnie decided to follow charley request said good night to the guys and followed her up to bed.

"Well he's gone for the night"

"Sure is, better catch some shut eye ourselves" The mice both curled up in the chairs they where and 'dreams of sugar plum fairies danced in there heads.'


The next morning the mice down stairs where awoken bye the smell of coffee coming form the kitchen, the sound of Vinnie whining like a child that wasn't allowed to open the presents till the family had arrived.

"Can I just open one?"

"If you open one you will see the surprise"

"Morning guys" Throttle said whilst yawning.

"Have a good nights sleep did we?" Modo asked winking at Vinnie then blushing for being so corse. Charley stood there her mouth open just about to tell Modo that was so unlike him when there was a loud knock at the door. Charley who was the only one dressed answered the door.

"Merry Christmas Edward, Rogue, please come in I was just making coffee"

"A merry Christmas to you sugar" Rogue purred her southern accent

"Just Mrs Van Wham, a merry Christmas to you" Nikata said as he stepped into the garage.

"Ed please stop being so formal we are family after all please call me charley"

"Ok charley it is and thank you I'd love a coffee"

"You know that blue shirt you have on REALLY makes a difference to you appearance and I don't think I have EVER seen you in jeans before, you look SO handsome it's almost a shame I'm married" They all walked into the kitchen and Vinnie made a point of getting up giving his wife a kiss and telling her he was off to get dressed.

"Thank you Charley they are new Rogue got them for me as part of my present from her" Rogue blushed uncontrollably at this. There was another knock at the door.

"Come in, where in the kitchen" Charley shouted. Towser and Haydy walked in with a little bundle wrapped in Haydys arms, the little bundle was crying.

"Isn't he cute?" Charley asked no one imperticular. Towser and Haydy had been married for eleven months now and this was the 'fruit' of there love for each other. Rogue came rushing over as she had never seen the little baby before.

"How old is he now?" Rogue gushed happily

"Two months" Haydy handed the baby over to Rogue so she could have a cuddle with the little bundle of coo and goo's. Haydy walked over to where her husband was standing slipped an arm around his waist and gave him a long passionate kiss.

"We are both so looking forward to this it's our first Christmas on earth for ten years and it's our first as a married couple.

"Haydy?" Towser said as he looked deeply into her eyes.

"Yes hun?"

"I love you"

"I love you to" At that point both Charley and Rogue sighed and secretly wishing there husbands could show such affection openly. Modo and Throttle just made gagging motions to each other. After coffee and breakfast had been served to all and the mice had gotten dressed Charley said.

"Well guys time for the surprise" Charley led them all over to the door of that back room or the garage, unlocked it with a key and opened the door for all to see.

"WOW" They all gasped in amazement" The fireplace was glowing with the heat of a real log fire, 'stockings hug by the chimney with care' all had the names of each one of them stitched on it, and all where stuffed to overflowing with delicate wrapped packages.
Festive bunting hung from the ceiling like a delicate silk web. In the corner there was a six foot tree caringley decorated with tinsel, baubles and lights that sparkled in the light of the fire, more presents hung from the tree in little boxes delicately tied with blue, red or yellow ribbons. At the foot of the tree was what looked like hundreds of presents all for the mice and other guests.

"That's why you wanted our presents earlier" Rogue said as she was staring in amazement at the wonderfully festive room

"Well I wanted the first Christmas of peace to be unforgettable a lot has happened in the past year and I thought we all should enjoy a very happy Christmas" Charley walked over to the CD player in the corner fiddled with its controls on came Last Christmas and I also thought it would be a wonderful way to remember all of those who have sacrificed themselves over the year. A tear formed in Haydys eye remembering how just over a year Carbine and Rimfire had died on a mission of peace to plutark to start peace negotiations, the official story is that an over eager guard shot on site without thinking of the consequences but there deaths had sped up the peace process, not that that was much of a comfort.

"Right then, tome for the present giving" Charley sat next to the tree and the others sat in a semicircle around her.

"Now all the presents are here and all the people are here lets start with the presents on the tree" On the tree there was a present for each of them.

"And the first one is"(at this point Vinnie gave a drum roll) "Paul"

"Isn't that sweet the little babes first Christmas present"

"I think I should open it for him, he seems to content on sleeping now" Haydy opened the gift to find inside a locket and inside the locket was a picture of herself on one side and Towser on the other. Ed coughed which was always a sigh he was getting embarrassed

"I thought it would be a good thing so that he would always have hid mother and father close to his heart"

"Ed that's a wonderful thought" Haydy crawled over to Edward and kissed him on the cheek.

"Enough of the lovey dovey stuff that can come later" Charley said hastily

"The next present is for Vinnie" This present was slightly larger than the last box and when he opened it all he could say was

"WOW" the box contained a picture of all his closest friends and family. He looked at the tag

"hope you like this I it the fruit of hours of thought and skill love, hugs kisses Charley" He read out.

"How did you do this?" Vinnie wondered in amazement

"Just a little something I put together on the computer u like it?"

"I love it, thanks" Vinnie crawled over to Charley and gave her a long passionate kiss. After the rest of the presents had been given out it was about time for lunch.

"Hey charley girl, where's the smell of turkey in the oven and pans on the stove" Throttle asked bemused at such a lapse in the day that seemed so well planned.

"I decided to have something different, but you will all have to make your own, there's peanut butter and jelly in the fridge and bread over there make sandwiches" Charley said with a serious look on her face.

"WHAT" they all asked in unison.

"Well you think I have time to cook as well?"

"But it's our first REAL Christmas" The mice said

"Well your gonna get your first real disappointment" just at that moment there was a knock at the door Charley opened it and welcomed the guys at the door in"

"Where's the dinning table ma'am" The suited lady asked as what seemed like an army of people piled into the tiny garage

"It's just over there and thanks for all the help" The woman and her crew set the table prepared all the dishes anyone could ever want and then left in the blink of an eye.

"You didn't REALLY think I'd forget something as important as that would you?" She asked amused

"Well you did have us wondering" Haydy said while stifling back a giggle.

After a truly wonderful dinner Haydy and Rogue stood up at the same time without meaning to.

"Well I guess we both have announcements to make" Rogue said smiling

"Please you go first Haydy said" At this Edward and Rogue stood up together and she said

"We would like you to be the first to know we are expecting a baby"

"Expecting??" Vinnie said bemused

"Okay in idiot term Rogue is PREGNANT" Charley glared at him.

"That's right you got it in one"

"Well that's the same here Haydy said" the only response to this announcement


"Boy dude you to must be like rabbits" Throttle said and then received a swift kick on the shin from Charley. All Towser and Haydy could do was blush.

At the end of the night Vinnie and Charley where the only ones left in the garage.

"Well it looks like we are the only child less couple"

"I'm sure we can soon fix that" Charley said leading him up the stairs of the garage.